“Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association”, PJSC expands its business opportunities in the Middle East. The other day the company has received the status of an approved supplier in the National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC), so it will be able to participate in tenders for the supply of a wide […]

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The contract, in particular, provides for the supply of spare parts set to the reactor coolant pumps GTSN-317. Details are in demand in the framework of routine maintenance at the Slovak nuclear power plant Mochovce. The European company EURO PUMPS TECH, s.r.o., a partnership with which began more than two […]


The representatives of the company Caverion Deutschland GmbH, Business Unit Krantz from Germany, placed previously an order for the production of a prototype of an iodine filter chamber at the enterprise, visited “Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association” PJSC. The success of this project was a prerequisite for the development […]


“Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association” PJSC concluded another contract with the Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG (IBG) company from German. This time, Sumy machine-builders need to manufacture a number of main assembly units for a gas drying unit. In particular, the contract stipulates the manufacture of nine […]


“Sumy NPO” PJSC demonstrates the first results within the implementation of the contract of “Azimut” LLC (Kiev region), which provides the release of tanks and vessels. In particular, the contract covers 36 production units, four among them will be delivered to the customer in a few days. According to the […]


“Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association”, PJSC completed a large internal investment project. According to it, the overhaul of gas turbine co-generation plant with a capacity of 16 MW (ESTU-16), which was removed from operation for a time, was fulfilled. Exclusivity of this facility is that it is able to […]


Rustavi Azot, specializing in the production of chemical fertilizers, has placed an order in Sumy NPO to manufacture a crankshaft for a reciprocating compressor 4M40-680 / 22-320. Ordered component is of a very large size. The weight of the billet exceeds 9.5 tons, and in the finished form the crankshaft […]


Sumy NPO and Zaporozhye Iron Ore Plant concluded the contract for the supply of parts to NSh500-990 type multistage mine pumps. The contract covers a number of spare parts positions. According to the information provided by Vitaly Kochura, head of Industrial Pumps Sales Bureau, Sumy NPO branded pumps have been […]


“Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association”, PJSC signed an agreement with its new European partner – Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG (IBG). The contract provides for the supply of a set of separators, as well as suction and discharge nozzles for centrifugal compressors. In particular, Sumy machine builders […]


Representatives of PetroPartner from Pakistan visited “Sumy NPO”, PJSC on a fact-finding visit. They came to the enterprise for the first time, however, they noted that they had heard about the brand of Sumy NPO. Therefore, the Middle Eastern guests were keen to see personally the potential of Sumy machine-builders. […]