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1896 – November 15 (November 28, new style), 1896 By the decree of His Imperial Majesty Nicholas II, the conditions for the operation in Russia of the Belgian joint-stock company “Sumy machine-building workshops (anonymous society)” were approved. The first director of the enterprise was A. Berounsky, a Belgian citizen. The founders of the JSC, in addition to foreign partners, were the famous Ukrainian sugar refiners P. Kharitonenko, M. Sukhanov, L. Kening, A. Gebinder and other entrepreneurs. According to the founders’ plan, the JSC was to manufacture and repair equipment for sugar factories, Donbass mines, and the railway. By the end of 1896 the main shops of the plant were built: foundry, mechanical, boiler, blacksmith, model, copper-cable.

The enterprise manufactured the first lot of simple products. The plant mainly performed repairs of sugar-refineries equipment. Semaphors for railways and frogs for switches were manufactured. 350 people worked at the plant.

The first Ukraine’s steam engine was made.

The design group was formed at the enterprise. As to its projects (developments) the plant manufactured ceiling construction for Kiev covered market, iron construction for Nikolayev theatre, constructions for Tashkent railway depot etc. In 1912 the production of centrifugal pumps of high and low pressure was organized. 700 people worked at the plant. In that year the name was changed into «Sumy machine-building plants».

Changeover to military output accomplished; blasting caps shop was built; equipment for gunpowder factories was launched into production.


Reconstruction after Civil War was finished at the plant. Enterprise produced steam boilers, centrifugal pumps, steam hoists, frames for railway bridges, equipment for sugar-refineries.

Steam horizontal machine with two cylinders, three-stage centrifugal pump were launched into production.

The enterprise was recalled into «Sumy Machine-Building Plant named after M.V.Frunze».

Electric arc welding was mastered for the first time in Ukraine.

The enterprise was specialized in manufacture of chemical and oil extraction equipment. Pump-compressor, foundry, and tool shops were built.

Ukraine’s first 10,000 cu.m/h piston compressor was manufactured.

The first specialized shop for centrifuge manufacture was built.

Nickel and chrome nickel steel welding method was mastered. Welded chemical equipment using these steels was launched into production.

The unique superpower 850 atm. ammonia synthesis compressor was manufactured. At that time similar equipment was not manufactured by any West European company. Suspended centrifugal with sediment handle discharge and belt drive, steam cracking-machine, apparatus for sugar industry was produced.

The plant was evacuated to Tambov, Chirchik, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo. Wartime manufacture.

Reconstruction of production capabilities. The enterprise gradually increased products manufacturing. The first postwar samples of vacuum filters were made. Centrifugal pumps for sugar industry were launched into production again.

Equipment for the nuclear industry was manufactured; fulfilling commissions under space exploration programs. The output of more than 35 new machines and devices for the chemical industry, including a five-stage compressor, automatic centrifuges, rotary vacuum pumps was mastered. The enterprise emerged on the world market. Ukraine’s first opposite compressor, all kinds of world’s existing centrifuges were launched into production.

Ukraine’s first heavy-duty opposite compressors were mastered.

Production of centrifuges with mechanical discharge and vacuum drum dryers was mastered.

72 units of new type, machines and equipment, including equipment for weak nitric acid, ethylene production, were mastered. Ukraine’s first shipment of complete mineral fertilizers, ethylene, and helium production lines and units was effected.

Sumy Machine-Building Science-and-Production Association was set up including the Frunze Machine-Building Plant, Heavy Compressor Machine-Building Plant, Special Design Bureau for Chemical Equipment and Construction Department.

Serial output of advanced gas-transfer plants GPA-C-6,3 driven by aircraft type gas turbine of 6300kW power of block-container modification.

Nuclear power machine-building plant was attached to the Association.

GCN-195M-type main circulating pumps and pumps for nuclear power stations’ secondary circuit were launched into production.

New more powerful gas-transfer plants GPA-C-16 driven by aircraft type gas turbine of 16000kW power of block-container modification were launched into production.

The All-Union Science-Design-and-Development Institute for Compressor Machine-Building and Sumy Branch of the Special Design Bureau for Heavy Chemical Technical Engineering was attached to the Association. The enterprise was named «Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science-and-Production Association».

Automobile gas-filling compressor stations and automobile gas-fueling stations were launched into serial output.

The Association ordered and the Italian firm Danieli built the plant manufacturing drill collars and kellys for the oil and gas industries.

The Association was reorganized to Joint Stock Company “Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association” (“Sumy Frunze NPO” JSC)

Structural reforms in existing production sectors, expanding assortment.

The Certificate of Approval was granted, confirming the correspondence of the quality system valid in JSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» to the International Standard ISO 9001.

The manufacture of pipeline valves which comply with requirements of the International Standard API-6D was mastered.

After sale by auction of the last state block of shares, the privatization process has been completed.

Expansion of manufactured products nomenclature list. Restructuring of the Company. Production potentialities were increased. New industrial projects have been commissioned. Change-over to packaged delivery of the equipment and turn-key construction of the facilities.

Joint Stock Company «Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association» renamed into Public Joint Stock Company «Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association». (“Sumy Frunze NPO” PJSC)

Public Joint Stock Company “Sumy Frunze NPO” was renamed into  Public Joint Stock Company “Sumy NPO” ((“Sumy NPO” PJSC))

The General Meeting of shareholders decided:

– change the legal entity type of society from public to private;

– approve the new name of the company Joint-Stock Company “Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association” (“Sumy NPO” JSC )

By the decision of the shareholders, the scientific and production potential of JSC “Sumy NPO” and JSC “Ukrkhimproekt” were combined, as a result  JSC “SMNPO – Engineering” was established