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JSC “SMNPO – Engineering”  performs the following activities on installation, commissioning and equipment maintenance:

  • Installation of the process equipment in accordance with the design, technical documentation, technical specifications, compliance with quality standards at the facilities of the customer.
  • Process equipment setting up.
  • Supervision works on installation and commissioning of the process equipment.

The Company’s Department of Installation, Comissioning and Equipment Maintenance of  (UMN SOO), numbering 40 people, has highly qualified specialists, engineering and technical workers and workers of various specialties, namely:

  • foremen for the process equipment, instrumentation, automated control systems installation;
  • mechanical maintenance engineers;
  • software, electronic engineers;
  • electric welders for manual welding;
  • gas-shielded electric welders;
  • installation staff;
  • gas cutters;
  • mechanic assembly workers;
  • instrumentation technician;
  • electricians fitters;
  • maintenance technician.

UMN SOO has available welding equipment, gas-flame equipment necessary for metal cutting, equipment and devices for performing rigging work, tools and devices for performing fitting and assembly operations, necessary instrumentation and tools, special tools and tools for assembling, revising, repairing compressors.