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The Company has available up-to-date metal-working machinery numbering over 2500 units, including 220 NC machine-tools and automated machining centers (50 of them are unique). 

This machinery is of high process accuracy and made by leading machine-tool companies:

  • Max Muller, Safop turning lathes;
  • Dorries, Schiess boring mills ;
  • Forest, Innse, Schiess drilling-boring-and-milling machines;
  • Waldrich Siegen portal milling machines;
  • Pfauter, Lorenc gear making machines;
  • Hoffler gear grinding machines;
  • Kolb multispindle drilling machine;
  • Safop spherical machining tool.


The structure of species and groups of metal-cutting equipment is characterized by a high degree of universality, that provides sufficient «flexibility»of workshops and annually makes possible to develop new products without a fundamental change in the composition of equipment.

Metalwork-and-assembly sections of workshops are located at  aisles 24 … 36 meters wide and are equipped with cranes and lifting machines (from 50 to 150 tons), assembly plates and assembly stands, benches for hydraulic (up to 60 MPa) and pneumatic (up to 40 MPa) tests, balancing machine tools (17 units) and benches for products overspeed testing.
Unique Schenck vacuum chambers are used for overspeed tests and vacuum balancing of compressor impellers with weight up to 2500 kg at rotation speed to 20000 rpm.