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Блоки сепараторов тонкой очистки газа

Fine cleaning separators are designed for process gas purification from drop liquid and mechanical impurities in the process of oil casing-head gas compression.

The delivery set consists of separator, process pipelines with shut-off, control valves, instruments mounted in the heated container.

The separator is a vertical structure, in the upper part of which the separation element of slotted or multicyclone type is mounted. The operating principle of separator is based on extraction of mechanical and liquid impurities from gas flow under the action of centrifugal forces.

Unions for condensate drain and instruments connection are provided for separator casing. Separated liquid drain out of the cubic part is made automatically. To prevent liquid freezing the cubic part of the separator is equipped with heating coil.

The whole equipment is mounted on the common frame, installed on open platform and can be operated in different climatic zones. Design and technical parameters of fine cleaning separator are calculated individually for each process of compressor station.

Specification of multicyclone separators (MCS)

   Capacity, SCMD3.0х1063.0х1060.75х1060.75х106
   Working pressure (max.), MPa2.
   Working temperature, °Сfrom -40 to +80from -60 to +80
   Weight, ton5000560045004900
   Filtering efficiency for particle size more than 40 µm, %to 100

Specification of slotted separators (SS)

 SShChV 1400/16SShChV 700/30SShChV 700/80

SShChV 11/2А

  Capacity, SCMD2.5х1062.0х1061.5х1061.2х106
   Working pressure (max.), MPa1.
   Working temperature, °Сfrom -60 to +80
   Weight, ton7200450031004400
   Filtering efficiency for particle size more than 40 µm, %to 100

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