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At the site for the production of mats from super-thin basalt fiber, there are 3 (three) NB units  designed for the production of super-thin fiber from basalt rocks (basalt chips). The productivity of one unit is up to 16 kg / hour (130 tons / year).

Superthin basalt fiber (STBF) resembles cotton wool in appearance and is a mass of entangled elementary staple fibers up to 3 microns in diameter, held together by natural adhesion forces.

Производство базальтового волокнаSTBF sheets are highly efficient heat-insulating and sound-absorbing materials. The sound absorption coefficient for frequencies from 100 to 2000 Hz reaches a value of 0.85-0.95.

STBF sheets operating temperature is from -269 °C to + 700 °C. STBF has low hygroscopicity, which does not exceed 0.5% and, which is especially important, does not increase with time.  The fiber is completely destroyed in alkalis, and  it leaches out in acids. The content of chlorine ions in canvases does not exceed 0.03%. Such properties of STBF allow them to be used as heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and filtration material. 

At the sewing site, STBF sheets are sheathed with fiberglass and mats of various sizes are obtained. They are used both for the needs of our own production as well as to be supplied to outside parties.