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Заготовительное производство

The blank production includes  foundry, forging shops and workshops for the production of blanks from sheet and profile metal rolling, which allows the company to provide itself for 99% of casting, forgings, stampings and other self-made blanks.

The following unique machinery is used in blanking facilities:

  • Messer Grischeim computer-controlled gas-cutting plant for sophisticated configuration carbon steel blanks up to 300 mm thick;
  • Bystronic Bystar  metal laser pattern cutting machine for accurate dimensional blanking from carbon, stainless steel, as well as from non-ferrous metals and alloys;
  • Trumatic 300 plasma coordinate cutting machine made by the Company «Trumpf» for cutting stainless steel parts of sophisticated configuration, including segments of centrifuge screws, and for cutting ports;
  • band saw machines with the ability to cut profiled bars at the angle of 30-60°;
  • URB-703, URB-502, URB-506 pipe bending machines (Japan) for cold bending of pipes F25-159 with different bending radii;
  • SRB300 high frequency current heating pipe bending machines (Germany)  with bending  pipes up to 325 mm in diameter and wall thickness up to 30 mm; 
  • guillotine shears for cutting sheet material with a thickness of 1 to 30 mm and a maximum row length of up to 4000 mm;
  • edge planing and edge milling machines with the length of the processed surface up to 8 m;
  • Asano Seiki, HTL-4 and XZP 120/15 profile-iron bending machines for making flanges by cold bending strips;
  • Flanging machine for thermal blending;
  • Hausler molding-iron-profile-bending machines for making coil pipes, optical compensators and semipipes jackets are made with diameter 800 – 3000 mm, and coils are made of pipes with diameter 25 – 159 mm;
  • pressing equipment for cold stamping of apparatus plates parts, including perforating presses.