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Насосы химические

    Cradle-mounted chemical pumps are designed for pumping of chemically active and neutral medium with hydrogen index pH 4…9 and temperature up to 70°C (for supply of oil, oil light products, chemically active and slightly aggressive liquids which may cause corrosion of pump inner flowing part material not more than 0.1 mm/year, and neutral liquids).

Application: chemical, oil refining, food industry.

Design features:

    • centrifugal cradle-mounted single stage pumps with horizontal shaft and one-side axial water feed to impeller and vertical discharge;
    • impeller design provides maximal rotor load relief of axial force;
    • axial force arisen during wearing is compensated by mounting group;
    • rolling bearings work like supports;
    • shaft sealing – end sealing or sealing with soft packing gland;
    • pump unit can be equipped with any type of electric motor which parameters and modification meet operating conditions;
    • bearing lubrication – liquid or consistent grease;
    • in pumps with liquid grease control of oil level in crankcase mounting group is provided with constant level lubricator.

Technical data is specified in the Catalog.

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Details are specified in the Technical Catalog Industrial  Pumps“.