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The following equipment is mounted in boiler-and-welding workshops:

  • horizontal sheet-bending machines for rolling of shells with wall thickness from 1 up to 150 mm;
  • a set of equipment, including an automatic press and a flanging machine for the manufacture of elliptical and torispherical bottoms with a diameter of 1800-4000 mm and flanging of conical bottoms as to the determined radius with a wall thickness of up to 30 mm;
  • hydraulic presses with force Q = 400 t/f  and Q = 800t/f for stamping of elliptic bottoms, spherical bottoms elements, ball valves bodies as well as stamp-welded connecting parts of pipelines by hot stamping;

  • machines for winding coiled heat exchangers with a coiled part length up to 6 m and a diameter up to 2200 mm; 

  • hydraulic brackets for assembly of pressure vessels casings;

  • machine for winding spiral heat exchangers;
  • plant for the production of rolled containers with height up to 20 m

The welding sector widely employs robotic, automatic and mechanized welding machines, test benches and equipment of «Fronius», «IGM», «ESAB», «Polisoud», «Deuma» companies with manipulators and welding stands of load-lifting capacity from 10t to 100 t.

 The following welding processes are used in the Company:

  • automatic submerged arc welding;
  • electroslag welding with a wire electrode and a consumable guide tube;
  • manual metal-arc welding;
  • manual argon arc welding with a non-consumable electrode;
  • automatic orbital butt welding of pipes and welding of pipes into tube sheets with a non-consumable electrode in argon;
  • semi-automatic welding in inert, active gases and their mixtures;
  • electron beam welding;
  • combined welding.

Welding technologies applied in the Company were certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15609-1: 2004 (ISO 15609-1: 2004) “Technical requirements and certification of welding procedures for metallic materials. Technological requirements for the welding procedure “; ISO 15614-1: 2004 Qualification requirements for welding procedures for metallic materials – Welding procedure testing, ASME Section IX Boilers and pressure vessels.

The following welding and facing procedures are used:

  • automatic submerged arc, electro slag,
  • machine gas-shielded solid and cored wire flux,
  • orbital non-consumable electrode argon-arc for the  connection «pipe + pipe» and
    «pipe + tube sheet»,
  • electron-beam,
  • high-frequency in pipes manufacturing and fining,
  • seam and spot contact,
  • friction welding,
  • explosion cladding and strip electrode facing.

Vacuum soldering, plasma arc cutting and welding, metal gas thermal and vacuum hardening are widely used in welding works.


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