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     Performing an active social policy is aimed at strengthening the established reputation and positive image of JSC “Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association – Engineering” in the eyes of employees, partners, government agencies and the public, improves the quality of enterprise management and efficiency in general.

     The main capital of JSC “SMNPO – Engineering” is its employees. By developing personnel, improving their knowledge and skills, the company is able to set ambitious goals and achieve significant results in its activities.

     Social protection of personnel is a priority for JSC “SMNPO – Engineering”. The collective labour agreement of the company provides for many projects in this area, including the provision of benefits and compensations to employees, the allocation of interest-free loans for their own needs and training, the provision of material assistance and much more.   
     Caring for people, their health and rest is and always will be an important direction of the social policy of the company, because the workers are the main capital of JSC “Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association – Engineering”.