FRUNZE specialists visited Caspian Oil & Gas

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The delegation of PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” specialists participated in ХХ...

Supply for Lvov Company

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PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” has designed, manufactured and shipped the re...

FRUNZE is shipping equipment to “Alan” field

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PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” completes shipping of H2S extraction unit fo...

FRUNZE at Oil & Gas of Uzbekistan-2015

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The specialists of PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” came back from Uz...

FRUNZE was presented at the International Trade Club

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As a part of the XII universal exhibition of interregional an...

«FRUNZE-Электрод» на «Слобожанском мосту»

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14-15 мая в Сумах проходила ХIІ Международная универсальная выставка «Слобожанский мо...

FRUNZE is shipping valves for “Cherkassytransgaz”

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PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” has supplied significant part of valves un...

Discount for stock centrifuges

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Products for processing pulp and fillmass of the primary, intermediate, af...

NPO Customs-Bonded Warehouse service activities

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PJSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» is the owner of public customs-bonded ...

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