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Газоперекачивающие агрегаты-разработка и поставка

One of the main production activity of JSC “SMNPO – Engineering” is manufacture and supply of gas-pumping, turbocompressor, electric-driven gas-pumping and electric-driven compressor units, both separately and as part of modular compressor stations.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the gas pumping equipment is designed and supplied for various parameters in terms of productivity and power, discharge pressure and compression ratio.

Possessing a powerful production and scientific and technical potential, the enterprise can, in the shortest possible time, complete the development of design and technological documentation, manufacture, test and supply the customer with the required equipment, carry out its installation, commissioning and, if necessary, provide its service.

The company specializes mainly in the creation of gas pumping equipment of medium and high power from 6.3 to 25 MW with gas turbine and electric drives.

JSC SMNPO – Engineering  has created a large range of GPAs with the capacity:

6.3 МW:

8 МW:

10 МW:
GPА-C-6.3, GPА-C-6.3V with airderivative engine NК-12SТ;
GPА-C-6.3А with airderivative engine D-336;
GPА-C-6.3S with marine gas-turbine drive DТ-71P3.

GPА-C-8 with  engine GTD-6.3RМ/8;
GPА-C-8 with  engine NК-14SТ;
GPА-C-8А with  engine АI-336.

GPА-C-10Б with  engine NК-14SТ-10.

12 МВт:

16 МВт: 

25 МВт:

GPА-C-12П with airderivative engine PS-90GP-1.

GPА-C-16 with airderivative engine NК-16SТ;
ГПУ-16 with marine gas-turbine driven engine DJ-59L;
GPА-C-16S with marine gas-turbine driven engine DG-90;
GPА-C-16Л with airderivative engine
GPА-C-16П with airderivative engine PS-90GP-2.

GPА-C-25 with airderivative engine NК-36СТ;
GPА-C-25С with marine type engine DU-80L1.

All units are equipped with microprocessor control systems based on modern element base.
At the request of the Customers, the units can be completed with exhaust gases heat recovery units.
JSC “SMNPO – Engineering” has mastered the production of units with non-lubricated “dry” compressors with gas dynamic seals, electromagnetic bearings and a “dry” transferring coupling.
The Company  has also mastered the production of gas-pumping units with centrifugal compressors in corrosion-resistant design for compressing hydrogen sulfide-containing gas.
At the request of the Customer, we can supply units with the required performance characteristics, both with “dry” compressors and with oil compressors, with a gas turbine engine of any global manufacturer or with an electric drive, in modular container design or in individual sheltered buildings.
To compress associated petroleum gas, complete compressor lines have been created, including turbocompressor units (TKA) with high compression ratios (2-20 or more), intermediate and end gas coolers and separators. The whole range of gas turbine engines is used as a drive, both for GPA and TKA. TKA can be supplied with or without gas coolers and separators.

Details are specified in the Technical Catalog “COMPRESSOR EQUIPMENT and GAS-PUMPING UNITS